Selkie Photography

Images that speak

a picture taken through a hole in a concrete block of the photographer taking a picture with camera on tripod

Photo © Tina Bedekovic

About Me

As a child I was given a Brownie Box camera. Through experimentation, I discovered that it provided me with a welcome creative outlet during my academic studies. Unfortunately, my parents actively discouraged me from this interest. In 2016 I returned to photography and have experienced the same joy and enthusiasm that I had as a child. I now revel in expressing myself non-verbally and communicating my emotions – in contrast with the objectivity of my career in science and engineering.

My Photographic Interests

I seek to make images that speak slowly, with the viewer perceiving layers of meaning over time. These works are thus more suited to being displayed in an environment where the viewer can take time or where they will be seen repeatedly. I am particularly interested in exploring and creating environments for my images to allow the viewer to reflect, despite the time poverty of our western culture.

Initially my images sought to convey my love of mountains – particularly the interactions of light and landscape. I explored the contrasts between the timescales at work: the transience of that ray of light; the changeability of the weather; and the brevity of the human footprint relative to geological timescales. My practice has since evolved to embrace people and their relationships: with their environment; with their occupations; with their beliefs and/or social traditions; and with each other.

I am a trombone player preferring to play in non-competing brass bands. My wife plays tenor horn in a competing brass band. These links have given me a special affinity with brass bands and with my wife's band in particular. My images have been regularly used by the band. I have gained unparalleled opportunities to capture and document both the events the band is involved in and the social, cultural and musical aspects of brass banding. A particular area of research I am embarking upon is the photographer's part in documenting and commenting on the brass band movement and its role in preserving our heritage.

My creative practice is constantly evolving usually with a number of projects on the go at any one time. For some I conduct detailed research, for some I am more spontaneous. Either way the images I like are the ones where I felt real passion or emotion and I seek to convey this to the viewer.