Selkie Designs

Inspired by nature

a picture of me wearing a tailored jacket and skirt that I made

About Me

As a child I was brought up in my mother's wool shop. I started knitting and sewing from the age of 3.

My first sewn garment was a skirt I hand-sewed for my grandmother who could not find off-the-shelf clothes to fit. When I was 15 I purchased a hand Singer at a jumble sale for 50p and I continued to use this machine until I was in my early twenties. As a teenager sewing provided me with a way of having fashionable clothes. Throughout my professional career as an engineer it provided me with a creative outlet.

My first knitting was making scarves for my dolls. I then progressed to making squares using wool from old jumpers which was then made into a blanket that I still use today! When I was 8 I knitted a baby jacket for my brother and two years' later I knitted him a jumper. I have always found knitting therapeutic and rewarding.

My Knitting Interests

Today I undertake a range of knitting projects increasingly exploring textures and colours. Techniques I use include: Fair Isle, Mosaic knitting and cable.

My Sewing Interests

In my sewing practice I focus on garments ranging from tailored jackets to skirts, shirts and theatrical / re-enactment costumes.