Selkie Group

Creative approaches in business and the arts

Welcome to the Selkie Group!

Taking our name from Scottish and Irish folklore, Selkie Group is the umbrella for a group of creative enterprises spanning business and the creative arts.

Selkie Solutions

Primarily serving the energy industry and specialising in:

  • governance
  • business strategy
  • commercial arrangements
  • technology commercialisation

Members of our team provide consultancy services; take on non-executive directorships; and undertake university teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Selkie Photography

A creative photographic practice using film and digital methods often exploring people and their relationships: with their environment; with their occupations; with their beliefs and/or social traditions; and with each other.

Selkie Designs

A creative practice largely inspired by the colours and textures of nature involving the creation of:

  • knitted garments
  • sewn garments